How do we proceed at BioOrg?

Evaluation and assessment

Consult as-built files or visit on site to assess the building’s commodities, surroundings and occupancy.


Protocols review

Evaluation of existing cleaning protocols to embrace biophilic cleaning with BioOrg ready to use liquids and methods that integrate friendly bacteria into every regular cleaning practice.


HVAC system analysis

Process all technical info about operational Hvac installations: technical drawings, technical info sheets, air flow rates etc.


Engineering & Pricing

While all relevant data are gathered, elaborated engineering of healthy microbiome will be proposed including all relevant price offerings for liquids and services needed.


Microbiome evaluation

Analysis of minimal presence of friendly bacteria to monitor BioOrg microbiome functionality


Communication strategy

Communication tooling for internal and external purpose will be included to inform all stakeholders about the BioOrg microbiome benefits and positive impact fields


What are the proven benefits?

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