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Welcome to a world where the built environment isn't just an inert structure but a living, breathing ecosystem that cares for every ones well-being. We are BioOrg, your guide to harness the innovative power of friendly bacteria creatiing a healthier microbiome in every indoor environment.


At BioOrg, we dream of a world where buildings breathe life—where every room and hallway nurtures health and harmony. Our vision is to transform living spaces into ecosystems that flourish with friendly bacteria, turning every indoor environment into a source of well-being and ecological balance.

We borrow living organisms from nature, enjoy their purifying powers, and hand them over to nature again. No harm will be done to them, no harm will they provoke to us. They are totally harmless to men, animals, plants or materials. This is BioOrg, the most regenerative method possible to purify indoor environments in total harmony with all habitants and visitors.

We're committed to sustainability and environmental responsibility. Our friendly bacteria solutions offer eco-friendly alternatives to traditional maintenance & cleaning methods, purify air, reduce waste, and support green building practices for a healthier planet.

Let life thrive

The patented BioOrg method is an innovation from Living Technologies, a Belgian biotech company pioneering since 2013. Founded by business mind Koen De Koster and Filip Willocx, engineer and PhD in Applied Life Sciences. The BioOrg product line offers a wide range of smart natural products that regeneratively purify the air and surfaces in indoor spaces.

Who are we?

"I was very much struggling with microbiological contaminants in food production and the pharmaceutical industry. We had to be able to do that differently. Then I met Filip, and we found the solution in nature."



"I was 10 years old when St. Nicholas gave me a microscope. Then I learned to discover the wonderful world of the invisible. Bacteria are wonderoganisms. I have been researching and testing their potential for more than 15 years. Ready for a revolution!"

Our mission


Transforming indoor spaces

We transform indoor environments into thriving ecosystems using friendly bacteria. Our innovative approach not only purifies the air but also enhances overall well-being, making each breath a testament to improved health.


Pioneering sustainable solutions

We pioneer eco-friendly alternatives to traditional cleaning and maintenance. By utilizing natural, bacteria-based products, we reduce chemical use, minimize waste, and support sustainable building practices, leading the way to a greener future.


Eco-conscious ecosystems

We cultivate eco-conscious ecosystems within built environments using friendly bacteria. Our methods go beyond traditional practices by naturally enhancing air quality and reducing pollutants, showcasing our dedication to environmental health and sustainability.

“Where spaces embrace and buildings love. BioOrg, creating environments that care.”

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