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When you're a facility manager or building maintenance officer, BioOrg is your trusted partner in creating spaces that prioritize your buildings’ health, well-being and environmental impact. Together, we'll unlock the power of friendly bacteria to purify your indoor air,  simplify your cleaning and support the habitants’ immune function.

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IIncorporate friendly bacteria into your building design and management practices to:

simplify cleaning operations without chemical cleaners and without drinking water

Incorporate friendly bacteria into your building design and management practices to:

minimize waste and purify indoor air by the power of friendly bacteria

Incorporate friendly bacteria into your building design and management practices to:

stimulate the immunity system of habitants and visitors by factor 10

Why BioOrg?

Enhanced indoor air quality

Friendly bacteria help break down pollutants like VOCs and PM, endotoxins and neutralize odors, lower dust adhesion thus leaving your indoor environment feeling clean, fresh, and revitalized.

50% purified air after 24h

Simplified cleaning operations

Friendly bacteria are supportive to simplify cleaning operations with less dust and micro pollutants, thus facilitating operational output and lowering cleaning frequencies. Implementing this compatible cleaning system in buildings excludes the use of drinking water and cleaning chemicals.

20% efficiency gain

Support for human health

By incorporating friendly bacteria into a space, you can support the habitants’ immune function, reduce the prevalence of harmful endotoxins, VOCs and ultrafine dust particles, and promote overall well-being for building occupants.

Immunity boosting by factor 10

Enhanced Indoor Air Quality

Simplified cleaning operations

Support for Human Health

What are the proven benefits?

Microbiome Workshop

Discover the secrets of a healthy, balanced microbiome with our expert consultation services. A free workshop will guide you on a journey into the hidden world of beneficial bacteria. SDG score and environment impact simulation with budget calculator will be included freely.

Enrich the microbial biodiversity in your building by factor 1000!  

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Enrich the microbiome diversity in your premises
by factor 1000!

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