11 bacteria,
as many questions

Our innovative, friendly bacteria dare already sometimes provoke wonder and a lot of questions. You'll find the most frequently asked ones below.


Do BioOrg products contain live bacteria?

Yes and no. The bacteria are present as spores. That is, they will not develop until they find energy in their environment. This happens after atomization. As long as they are in the package, they remain in standby mode waiting for you to put them to work.

Are these bacteria harmful to humans, animals or the environment?

No, on the contrary. They just help strengthen our bioclimate and immune system. Our patented products are pH neutral and leave no residual traces. They can be discharged into drains without any problem and will even continue their purifying effect there. So there is no need to wear gloves, goggles or mouth mask either.

Why do we call friendly bacteria "old friends"?

These friendly bacteria have been part of our environment and our human microbiome for centuries. That is, these bacteria have traditionally been found around, on, and in our bodies. Moreover, they also strengthen our immune system.

How do bacteria break down allergens and pollutants?

Bacteria need energy to survive. Unable to make their own energy like plants, they must ingest substances to feed themselves. BioOrg bacteria feast on the particles we call "pollution. In the process, the bacteria leave no residue behind. Scientists call this process the "Heterotrophic Cleaning Principle.


Which odours can the bacteria handle?

Our friendly bacteria tackle volatile odors such as sweat, urine, fire, cigarettes or garbage. The spray washes contaminants out of the air and knocks them down. On the surface, bacteria immediately start their task. They also feed on the sources of the volatile organic particles and prevent the formation of new odors.

What can I save with BioOrg?

You save time, water and avoid chemical waste. Spray & go! Thanks to our innovative, active biofilter, air purification and brushing is a piece of cake. Traditional brushing takes a long time, consumes a lot of drinking water and pollutes the ambient water after rinsing away.

When I clean with BioOrg products, do I still need to disinfect?

No, disinfectants kill the good bacteria and prevent the BioOrg ecosystem from working.

Can I recycle BioOrg packaging?

Our 3-liter refills are bag-in-box. They consist of recycled material. After use, separate the carton from the plastic, and recycle it in associated trash. We are members of Fost Plus and Val-I-pack.

Can I spray on my mobile phone, PC or TV screen?

Yes! The droplet size is so small that it does not form stains or damp spots. Spray a thin layer on the screen from about twenty centimeters away and dry with a microfiber cloth.

Why is the BioOrg method circular, and even regenerative?

Our friendly bacteria leave no residual waste. They remain active as long as nutrients are present in the environment. They are harmless to our environment and even enrich our biotope.

How should I store the products?

Dry and out of sunlight, best at temperatures between 5°C and 40°C.